What is infrastructure?

A modern IT solution must be hosted in an environment that ensures:

  1. Proper environmental conditions extend the hardware's operational life by controlling cooling, ventilation, optimal and constant humidity, and dust control.
  2. Fire detection and automatic fire suppression systems.
  3. Physical security of the perimeter and access control for employees and guests.
  4. Reducing the earthquake impact by having properly designed equipment cabinets and the building.

For an IT system to function, it must be interconnected by high-speed cabling network infrastructure using various technologies, depending on the environment, distances that must be covered, and bandwidth requirements.

Kernel Solutions:

Like in construction, any successful IT project starts with a very well planned and implemented foundation that will ensure stability, performance, expandability, and optimal operational parameters for the installed active equipment.

At Kernel, we believe in the power of partnership, and this fact allows us, together with our partner ecosystem, to provide you with a complete portfolio of infrastructure solutions:

  1. Structured cabling solutions
  2. Fibre optic solutions
  3. Power solutions
  4. Cooling solutions for IT infrastructures
  5. UPS solutions
  6. Fire detection and fire suppression
  7. Video surveillance solutions
  8. Rack and equipment cabinets
  9. Temporary power generation solutions for IT infrastructures
  10. Container and mobile datacenter solutions
  11. Dataroom and datacenter planning solutions
  12. Environment monitoring and sensor solutions