The business needs have changed; the ways how the businesses are made and driven have changed, the ways how we interact with clients, partners and co-workers have also changed; network connectivity is something that you must have in order to remain competitive on the market.

Entrust your company's network infrastructure development and support to our professional, certified and experienced engineering team and continue your focus on your core business.

Services Provided
  1. Solution Assessment - each project implementation with Kernel starts with the assessment of your needs. Our engineers are here to discuss with you and to understand your business needs, growth and development in order to provide you with the best suited, flexible, available and secure network solution.
  2. Solution Design - Each solution design is unique and takes into the consideration the requirements of the beneficiary, our experience and design methodology, market solution analysis, extensive prototyping and concept testing and validation.
  3. Solution Implementation - each step in the implementation phase is planned in advance in order to aid the smooth implementation and minimal downtime of your network infrastructure. We use our comprehensive lab equipment capabilities, covering all the technological areas (routing, switching, IP telephony, Security, Wireless), to build equivalent pilot networks and make off-line all the necessary tests, proof of concepts etc. Our engineers will perform the equipment installation, configuration and the preliminary tests in accordance with your needs and the documents from the design phase.
  4. Solution Optimization - our engineers will continue to monitor your network infrastructure to help you optimize its performance, reliability and predictability.
  5. Technical Support - we can provide you with a professional technical support for the already implemented network infrastructure solutions.
  1. Predictability - by using a proven design methodology and our engineering team with extensive experience and world recognized certifications.
  2. Availability - by using the best technical solutions.
  3. Cost effectiveness by customizing and tailoring each design to the specific needs of the client.
  4. Cost effectiveness by using our regional support centers in order to ensure that you receive the same level of quality at an affordable cost.
  5. Cost effectiveness by effectively using our experienced project managers.
  6. Pre-emptive approach in order to timely mitigate serious network infrastructure problem before they strike the key assets of your infrastructure.
  7. Superior response time - by using a well established support system and strict internal procedures.
  8. Quality Assurance - by using strict procedures and by providing to the customer SLA (service level agreement) for the services provided.