Numerous brands, with various products and solutions offerings… you are overwhelmed by the number of the solutions and offerings available; you are concerned about the overall integration of your solution and compatibility of the various parts of it; it's hard for you to manage the hidden costs; you are concerned about the level of support available to all your locations; you are under pressure of the tight implementation schedules.

Today, IT is often a complicated tangle of systems, platforms and applications, many of which have overlapping functionality, and are designed with varying standards. Efforts to connect them, or align them with a business process, have been a costly, time-consuming, risky endeavour.

Our professional engineering team can provide you with an optimal solution for an integrated IT&C system by:

  1. Having extended experience in system integration and attending periodicly training and technological events.
  2. Haveing a direct collaboration with the vendors for up to date technology access.
  3. Having a well establish business practice build on industry standards like ISO 9001, ISO 2000 , ISO 27001 , ISO 14000, ISO 22301 which Kernel Groups has implemented and certified.
  4. Having an extended lab infrastructure which allows us to test, evaluate and make proof of concept for various solutions and technical design and approve them well before they are considered for customer deployment.
  5. Have a well-established project management process to which we strictly adhere in all the phases of solution delivery.
  6. Performing complex analysis from technical, financial and operational points of view in order to ensure that the solution will perform at the expected performance parameters, will be scalable and aid the organizational growth, a low OPEX and a long service life while keeping complexity down.
  7. Having multiple points of presence in the Balkan region allows us to deploy complex multisite implementations.
    1. Solutions
      1. Infrastructure - The IT infrastructure must be hosted respecting the industry standards in order to protect the investment, prolong operational time of the equipment and protect against downtime and business losses.
      2. Hardware - Represents the foundation of their solutions and the place where the software, data and information are hosted, transmitted, processed, stored and archived.
      3. Commercial-off-the-shelf Software - Deployment of applications from well-established vendors that are proven to accomplish the business needs of the customers.
      4. Custom Developed Software - Sometime is required to develop custom applications where no off self-solution exists or the specifics of the project make it very inflexible to use an off shelf platform.