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Our Mission
Kernel was founded with the mission to enable its customers to achieve a sustainable, high value, competitive advantage through the effective use of advanced information technology solutions.
We tailor our solutions to your business needs in order to enable you to concentrate to the core business and in the same time reducing your costs, increasing collaboration and information exchange in your organization in a secure and highly available IT&C environment.
As the development is progressing, new applications of Information Technology (IT) are appearing and are getting integrated into the daily life of each of us.
Optimize the usage of IT resources available, reduce the cost of IT infrastructure and ensure productivity, energy efficiency, business continuity and disaster recovery.
The companies depend on their ability to take fast decisions and act on opportunities and the network is the foundation that enables the information exchange 24 hours per day.
Secure your information and ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability while providing to your mobile workforce seamless access to data.
Support your organizational growth, consolidate your IT resources, increase productivity and flexibility of your business by adding new applications.
Unified Communications
Facilitate communication, collaboration and data exchange with your employees, customers and partners using IP Telephony, Email, Contact Center, IM and Video Conferencing.
Wireless & Mobility
In a thought and highly competitive business environment, a mobile and highly adaptive organization can gain a competitive advantage and increase the customer satisfaction.
Business Applications
Business applications are providing automation for the tasks, saving operational costs, increasing customer satisfaction and provide unique data for the decision makers.

Services Provided:

Consultancy, Audit & Training
We aid you to develop and optimize your IT&C infrastructure in order to sustain business growth


IT&C System Integration
We provide turn-key solutions; we assemble the puzzle using our experience in your advantage


Professional Networking Services
We provide you full support for the entire network lifecycle allowing you to focus on your core business


Technical Support Services & Outsourcing
Reduce your costs let your worries to be addressed by professionals.

Contact us:

Kernel Romania
Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti 14-22, s.1, 013694 Bucharest
Tel: (+40) 21 269 3505
Fax: (+40) 21 269 3510
E-mail: office@kernel-control.ro

Kernel Makedonija
Str. Helsinki 37b, 1000 Skopje
Tel: (+389) 2 3090 245
Fax: (+389) 2 3090 246
E-mail: office@kernel.mk